Gran Hotel Miramar

Gran Hotel Miramar

Opened January 2017.

The masterpiece of architect Fernando Guerrero Strachan, opened in 1926 by King Alfonso XIII, is now restored to its original use as a hotel and its former glories.

Santos Hotels has reconverted this architectural jewel with all its historical and architectural features, to make it the only 5-star luxury hotel in Malaga.

Located in the area of La Caleta, between Paseo de Reding avenue and the sea front, with the main entrance facing the sea, it offers stunning views over the Bay of Malaga and yet just 5 minutes from the city's top museums (including the Picasso; Carmen Thyssen; Centre Pompidou and Hermitage).

The hotel has 190 rooms in total, comprising 161 guest bedrooms, 27 guest suites and 2 royal suites. There are three dining spaces, each with different types of cuisine. Also large gardens for hosting all kinds of events and launches, as well as the refurbished original historic rooms for special celebrations and meetings.

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