It is all about privacy and undiscovered beauties and cultures in a peaceful and higly personalized, unspoilt environment. Montenegro is not a destination with flashing lights and glamor. It is an escapist’s dream with a diverse geography strecthing along the cerulean waters of Adriatic Sea to the depth of the Balkan Peninsula…

Montenegro in Style is a brand of KD Tourism & Travel, an Istanbul based Destination Management Company, providing customised boutique travel services for FITs and MICE groups throughout Turkey since 1995. Having passed many years of success, KD Tourism started to build its international network in Greece and created 'Greece in Style'. It has become another success story that has now been followed by its new brand. KD Tours is very happy and proud to announce now that the new Montenegrin addition to the network will sustain the same level of commitment in Montenegro.

Founded in 2017 with a local office based in Tivat, Montenegro in Style has been offering sophisticated incoming services in not only Montenegro but the whole Balkan region. With its picturesque coastal towns, green mountains and dramatic sceneries, Montenegro still remains untouched. The country offers fine examples of boutique hotels, sophisticated restaurants, very entertaining activities indoor and outdoor like its neighboring countries such as Croatia and Serbia.

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Bernd Maesse

Managing Director