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The Indian subcontinent is overflowing with national parks, all holding diverse and sublime landscapes. This extraordinary array of National Park offers a great safari experience, animal encounters and spectacular scenery. The National Parks offer a diverse range of flora and fauna, hosts to some of the planet’s most majestic animals. One-horned rhinos roam the plains of Chitwan in Nepal whilst elephants plod through the forests of Sri Lanka’s Yala and the Bengal tiger prowls through the scrub of Ranthambore in this wildlife-rich corner of the world. These national parks can be enjoyed in a number of ways, whether heading out a trek through the Himalayas or jumping in a jeep to go in search of wildlife.
The compulsion to visit a national park is not so much to see the Asian elephants, Bengal tigers and other wildlife species in India’s National parks but it’s the fascination of the wilderness that gives you an experience of nature and desire to immerse into nature, where it not been suppressed.

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