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New at MMC: Experience the magic of Argentina!

This month the MMC portfolio was expanded by a new partner. Our new DMC Partner Rixner Internationl is henceforward your new contact person for the multifaceted destination Argentina.

Experience the Magic of Argentina!
Rixner International knows how important meetings and incentives are to your company as well as the level of dedication you expect and derserve. They brings you decades of experience in providing exceptional service to organzations such as yours. Our new partner will take care of very single detail to make your stay rewarding and unforgettable!

Bueno Aires
Buenos Aires is the ideal location for your next meeting or incentive, and also the gateway to the many other attractions of the fascinating country. One of the most attractive cities in the world.

The amazing Bariloche is located, by far one of the most beautiful destination in Argentina and the whole world. Surrounded by lakes and snow capped mountains it offers you various activities for your next incentive travel.

With Rixner International expertise you and all your guests will never forget this amazing destination. Calafate, the capital of the Departamento Lago Argentino is located next to the Glaciers National Park, one of the most beautiful and spectacular places in the Patagonia. Take your chance and have wonderful and memorable team building experiences.

Mendoza is just amazing! The team adventure that you are looking for your next incentives travel and corporate meetings. A unique destination where The Andes touch heaven with peaks like the Aconcagua the highest peak in all America.

One of the Seven Natural Wonders on Earth is waiting for your next incentives and meetings in Argentina. The Iguazufalls are an incredible place where Nature fully lives in its whole splendor to offer us a spectacular show. Rixner International invites you to enjoy the Great Adventure.

If you are interested in Argentina, Maesse Marketing Consulting and Rixner International are looking forward to get your request for the amazing destination Argentina! More Information about our new partner and the destination Argentina you can find here! Rixner International will be glad to give you more details about their plans for incentives, meetings events and leisure travel.

Brasilian Flair with DMC Brazil!

Brazil is the perfect country to receive all kind of events. The reason for this is that you can find in Brazil a bustling megalopolis, the largest remaining tropical forest on earth, the world-famous “marvelous city“, a futuristic inland capital, several stunning beaches, a UNESCO world heritage site and more!

Gastronomy Tours
Brazil’s restaurants offer a wide and varied selection of cultural food and international cuisine. But you can taste the difference between all areas in the country.
The Amazonian cuisine can be considered the most national cuisine, as it is highly influenced by the native Amerindian tribes. As opposed to this Salvador has one of the most peculiar cuisine in Brazil that mix recipes from Africans, Europeans, native Indians and their exotic ingredients.
Convince yourself and try all the intense flavors and the variety of food!

Cultural Tours
The “Tri-Point border” of Foz do Iguasso combines three cultures (Brazil, Argentine & Paraguay) in one single place. Furthermore, São Paulo offers architecture and design that connects the past to the future. Whereas Rio de Janeiro’s architecture blends the heritage of Portuguese colonial projects, collective modernist avant-garde and contamporary aesthetic exuberance throughout town.

Eco Tours
There is no better place to be in contact with the nature than the Amazon, our Planet’s lungs. The largest and most biodiverse rainforest on Earth contains 60% of all life forms on the planet. But not only this kind of nature represents Brazil. There are also a vast number of beaches. For example the beach of Porto da Barra, which is one of the ten world’s best urban beaches.
It is your choice! Relaxing at the beach, enjoying the unique atmosphere during a tour through the rainforest or combine both!

Entertainment Tours
Brazil provides many different kind of activities.
On the one hand you can decide between glamorous and large casinos, folklore shows and unique music expression. On the other hand you can do whale-watching, visit a Shrimp or Cashew farm or doing a Helicopter Tour.
But the most typical activity is the brazilian Carnival – the world’s largest and most famous Carnival!

Maesse Marketing Consulting is looking forward to get your request for Brazil – the Planet’s Lungs. Our Partner DMC Brazil will convience you with a individual and unforgettable proposal!

Poolside BBQ at Andara Resorts & Villas

Our hotel partner Andara Resorts and Villas in Phuket is a true luxury paradise, nestled amidst lush tropical surrounds overlooking the Andamam Sea on the Central West Coast of Phuket.

The Andara offers you a collection of spaciously luxurious pool villas and suites in four different kategories. The Suites are available in Terrace, Pool and Penthouse Pool – private and exclusive feeling for your stay in Thailand.

Escape, Relax and unwind where the spa offers an exquisite range of treatments and therapies soothing body, mind and soul. Treatments include traditional Thai, Ayurveda, Swedish and Japanese massage, as well as a variety of body treatments, complete with beauty salon and steam room. Besides the treatment rooms in the spa ambience the treatments can be taken in the comfort of your private villa or suite.

Traditional Thai ingredients allow focus on authenticity of taste and texture – experience it in the Silk restaurant or bar at the Andara. These creations; using local flavor, time-honored techniques and the very best ingredients will certainly satisfy all palates. Enjoy pre-dinner drinks poolside or indoors at the cosy chic bar.

***Special***Poolside BBQ***Special***
It’s the day to fire up the grill!
Join the Andara for a night under the stars with live entertainment and enjoy a great poolside BBQ with welcome cocktail. In addition to that the Andara offers you a special BBQ-Wine list on this event. It begins with an Happy Hour between 4-7 pm followed by BBQ from 7 up to 10 pm.

Our Partner the Andara Resorts and Villas looks forward to bit you welcome at their resort. Come and experience the beauty of Thai nature and culture. Maesse Marketing Consulting is looking forward to get your request for the Andara!

Finnish Lapland – Above the Ordinary

Home to Santa Claus and his reindeers, the Finnish Lapland captures the essence of a true fairytale Winter Wonderland. Enjoy the taste of reindeer, with the fat free, healthy and savory taste, ride with the sled dogs into the night and see the most beautiful sight nature can offer mankind – The Aurora Borealis. A secret incentive destination and a unique non-mainstream filled with contrasts.

The unique connection with nature offers unforgettable experiences and has made Lapland a mystical place. Lapland sensitizes, refreshes and soothes you. The atmosphere is genuine and relaxed it feels good to live and be here. Experiences of Lapland are immediate and its impact is unforgettable!

Wild and Free.
During the summer, nature speeds up with millions vibrant colors. Summer allows for activities such as river rafting, hiking with huskies, Nightless Night jet ski and much more.
Winter allows for activities such as Northern Light snow scooter safari, Ice-carting and riding sleds with huskies. Further Lapland has been proven to have the purest air. Enjoy this!

Silence, Please.
The quite nature of Lapland lays the foundation to finally find inner peace. Try some of the relaxing activities such as ice-fishing or sweat out ALL the stress in a sauna. (Which is the only Finnish word that is internationally accepted in other languages.) Sauna, as an important part of the Finnish culture, can be combined with everything. In Finland, major decisions get made in saunas! Lapland offers great oppertunities to get away from the hectic and the ever-acclerating ryhtm of daily life. Take your Chance!

Recycable Hotel.
The Arctic Snow Hotel is one of the largest in Nordic region and sleeps 70 guests. This spectacularly magnificent hotel decorates its unique rooms with ice art and illuminated artwork. The room temperature is 0-5°C, but using the sleeping bags intended for extreme conditions combined with reindeer furs, you can be sure that you will stay in warmth and comfort. On the shores of the lake the moonlight, stars and Northern Lights illuminate the silent, Lappish nature.

Lapland also offers the wonderful opportunity for guests to experience nature’s very own nightlight. Close to the Arctic Circle, next to Arctic Snow Hotel you will find the tranquility of the glass igloos. Staying overnight in a glass igloo feels like sleeping in the open, but inside the igloo it is just as warm and cozy as a hotel. The igloo village is set in an opening surrounded by pine trees, sufficiently far away from the city lights, making ideal conditions for watching the Northern Lights and enjoying starry skies.

Contact Hadler DMC and receive a proposal within 48 hours for Finnish Lapland – the secret incentive destination in the Arctic Circle!