Monthly Archives: October 2016

An autumnal adventure in Estonia

We accepted with pleasant anticipation the invitation of our new DMC partner “Via Hansa” representing the Baltic States Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to their FamTrip to Estonia.The programme took 4 days and was on the one hand focused on the medieval capital Tallinn and on the other hand on the romantic North coast of Estonia.

The very detailed program, as well as the organization and assistance through the guide and the team of Via Hansa offered took care of the attendees in a magnificent way.

The four-day program was very interesting and we got a lot of chances to get to know all the diverse faces of the multifaceted city Tallinn and the Baltic country Estonia.
We spent the first two nights at the 4 star hotel Stackelberg, which is located really close to the city center of Tallinn. There, we started our guided tour through the historic center of Tallinn and our guide told us a lot about the history as well as about the awesome developing of the vibrant city. Our first dinner took place on the modern quarter in Tallinn, the “Rotermanni” quarter – here we could marvel at the striking contrasts between “Old” and “New”.

Further we discoverd insight the marginal areas of Tallinn, we visited the Tallinn TV tower as well as the art museum KUMU. In addition to that we got to know Tallinn as the seaside town at the Baltic Sea during our lunch at the historial icebreaker “Suur Toll” and the inspection of the Seaplane Harbour.

On the third day we hiked through the Estonian peat bog and walked around the Baltic Sea coast. We visited the still well-preserved estates Palms, Sagadi and Vihula, which are very impressive. A guided tour at the area of the Vihula Manor Country Club & Spa, our second accommodation completed a very interesting day.

In the end we enjoyed our last lunch together at the restaurant “Kaval Ants” and resumed the great experiences we made together in Estonia.

A special gratitude applies to the organizer “Via Hansa” as well as to the co-operator Fly Nordica and Unique Hotels!

We would like to recommend you: Plan your next incentive or meeting in Estonia and experience the unique country and their inhabitans! Trust in an excellent partner on-site, who will be happy to help you at anytime. We look forward to getting your request for the Baltic States!